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Car Removal Service

Over 11 million automobiles were scrapped in 1996. About 75% of the scrapped material was recycled, while the remaining 25% was land filled. In that same year, an estimated 266 million tires were scrapped, 76% of which was recovered and recycled, used as fuel, or exported to other countries. Today, Eagle Auto Recycling continues to scrap automobiles and tires in an environmentally conscious way. Giving Eagle Auto Recycling a call will allow them to provide fast efficient service while you rest at home knowing you have helped future generations continue to work towards a environmentally friendly life.
What exactly is scrap metal? Scrap metal is bits and pieces of metal that are not in use or discarded and then collected. Scrap metal includes ferrous material (think Iron & Steel) and non-ferrous (think Aluminum, Copper, Brass). Not only will you be helping the environment by recycling, you will receive money for your well-doing. By giving Eagle a call they will provide you with cash on the spot. Eagle Auto Recycling helps the environment, scrapping one car at a time. Recycling your metal reduces the need to mine the earth for its natural resources. Recycled scrap metal can be used for various purposes, including construction and automobile manufacturing. Scrap metal is good for the environment as well as the economy. By why worry about all that extra stress? Just give Eagle a call and receive cash and we take care of everything else including the care for our world’s environment.
The sale of reusable salvage from old cars is only a small piece of the auto recycling pie.- Why worry about the rest leave it to Eagle Auto Recycling and just know that it is being done in an environmentally friendly way while you put your feet up on the couch and receive cash. What more could you ask for.

Facts About Automobile recycling

  • Over 70% of your junk car can be recycled
  • Nearly half of the steel produced in North America is produced from recycled metals
  • Recycling metals from automobiles saves energy, even water
  • Recycling automobiles reduces air and water pollution over 75%
  • Many common automobile replacement parts, such as alternators and starter motors, are remanufactured from recycled junk car parts.
  • Engines, transmissions, brake systems, and water pumps are also commonly recycled car parts


Scrap Car Removal