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Junk Car Recycling Program In Burnaby

Mazada B2200Junk removal service for old vehicles. We scrapped this Mazda b2200  in Burnaby and paid it’s owners cash.

Junk Car Removal In North Vancouver

1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Junk removal service for old vehicles. We scrapped this 1996 Volkswagen Jetta in North Vancouver and paid it’s owners cash
We pay cash for your cars. We service other cities in the lower mainland.


Junk Car Recycled in Kitsilano Vancouver

Kitsilano VancouverThis car wouldn’t start anymore, so we removed this car in Kitsilano-Vancouver and brought it to the auto recycling depot. The owner received cash directly from us.

Scrap and Junk Truck Removal In Delta

Gmc van 1991 Removed  in  DeltaWe pay cash for your unwanted scrap vehicles. Removing all scrap and junk cars in the lower mainland. Take this 1991 GMC Van. We paid the owner cash and removed this truck and gave the owner the much needed space for his new vehicle.

Recycled Ford Car In Surrey

Ford tourus 1998 117 ave surreyScrap and junk car removal services for this Ford Taurus 1998 from Surrey. We pay cash for your cars, vans, and trucks; basically for any unwanted scrap vehicle. Just give us a call with the details of the vehicle and we give you cash.

Recycled Van From Langley

Chevy van LangleyJunk removal service for old or junk vehicles. We scrapped this Chevy Van in Langley and paid it’s owner cash. We pay cash for your cars, vans, and trucks; for any of your unwanted scrap vehicles

Van Removal In Vancouver

Chevy 1992 VancouverThis Chevy 1992 was removed from East Vancouver. As the picture displays this Van has been around for quite some time. The owner called us and asked us to pick it up. We brought this old Chevy to the Recycling Depot and paid the owners cash.